Personable Legal Representation From A Small Local Firm

At Nunes Law we represent those harmed by the acts or omissions of others. Whether your Kings, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, or Merced County case involves an accident, injury, litigation, business, debt or an agricultural matter, we make an overwhelming process more manageable.

We go into every matter knowing that no two cases are the same. Each client receives one-on-one attention based on the actual facts of their case, not assumptions based on previous cases. By hiring Nunes Law for your legal matter, you receive a customized approach and specific guidance to help you find an effective solution.

Frank Nunes assisted clients with their accident and business matters for nearly 20 years. Dedicated, efficient, and personable, he remains ready to consult on your legal matter today.

An experienced attorney, Frank Nunes knows the local courts and the community culture. This means that not only do we offer the requisite legal knowledge, but we understand the local court procedures. Our understanding ensures a smooth-running case that is unlikely to get derailed through procedural mix-ups.

We are also well-tuned to the values of the community and that supports effective communication should your case go to jury trial. Understanding the people in our community and your jury means they will relate to your case better—giving you a better chance at the verdict you desire.

We Make Your Legal Matter Easier

Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating, and sometimes, expensive, process. To make sure you have all the information, Nunes Law offers a free consultation before you commit to hiring us.

For accidents, hiring an attorney will prevent rather than cause stress:

  • No recovery, no fee
  • We deal with insurance adjusters and medical bill collectors while you recover
  • We review every insurance company offer with you to ensure a good decision

Never proceed with challenging legal circumstances alone—especially when you’re injured. Contact Nunes Law in Fresno, CA today at (559) 436-0850 or fill in our online form.